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Welcome to Livingstone's interactive web site that gives you direct access to tools and expertise so valuable in the area of people management.

Livingstone's Australia has an established reputation as a provider of high quality Workplace Relations and Human Resource consultancy services. The firm enjoys an established track record and an enviable reputation as a leader in the Australian marketplace for people-focussed consultancy services.


IRS Award Supply Service Changes

Important information for all Award Supply Subscribers

The constitutional validity of WorkChoices has now been upheld by the High Court. WorkChoices creates a unitary industrial relations system for Constitutional Corporations. Constitutional Corporations are trading or financial corporations formed within the limits of the Commonwealth. The changes resulting from WorkChoices are limited in their application to Constitutional Corporations.

Subscibers to Federal Awards

If your organisation is not a Constitutional Corporation then you will become bound by a Transitional Federal Award. This Transitional Award will be in similar terms to the Pre Reform Award. If this applies to you, please contact us.

Your current Award subscription will continue. However, all Federal Awards will be converted to Pre Reform Awards. This instrument and a corresponding wage sheet will automatically be made available to you.

Subscibers to State Awards

On 27 March 2006 Constitutional Corporation employers had any State Award to which they were bound converted into a Notional Agreement Preserving State Awards (NAPSA) under WorkChoices. The NAPSA is based on the State Award but is effectively amended to incorporate the Australian Fair Pay and Commission Standard and those terms of the Award which are obsolete, prohibited content or objectionable are unenforceable. If your organisation is a Constitutional Corporation you are now legally bound to comply with the terms of the NAPSA and the Federal Minimum Wage increases.

If your organisation is not a Constitutional Corporation then you remain bound by the provisions of the State Award. This Award will continue to be regularly updated by the State Commission. These updates would include annual State Wage Case increases.

In order to ensure that you continue to receive an accurate copy of the industrial instrument and wage sheet that applies to you please advise which version you wish to access by completing this form.

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